Bank of Mum and Dad funds one in two house purchases among under-35s 法律 & General research reveals

One in every two first-time buyers aged under 35 is receiving financial support from the Bank of Mum and Dad, new research from 法律 & General and Cebr has revealed. More than half (56%) of those under the age of 35 received a financial gift to help them step onto the housing ladder. In a further sign that ‘BoMaD’ is playing an ever-present role in the housing market, 71% of these new homeowners say they would not have been likely to buy without financial support from family or friends. Instead, they would have to delay their housing plans by four years on average.

  • New data from 法律 & General shows that 56% of first-time buyers aged under 35 received financial support from the Bank of Mum and Dad to help them step on the housing ladder
  • 这些新房主的近四分之三(71%)不会在没有家庭或朋友的财政帮助下的情况下购买
  • 但是“Bomad”正在帮助老年买家 - 妈妈和爸爸的银行将在今年的35多个人中贷款214亿英镑

The research follows earlier findings from 法律 & General, which showed that the Bank of Mum and Dad is stepping in to support loved ones as the economic impact of COVID-19 takes hold. A third (33%) of all people looking to buy in the next five years plan on getting financial help from family or friends.

2020年,Bomad'贷款人将在35岁以下的房产购物中发挥积极作用。尽管较广泛的财产在Q2 2020期间,近一半的财产购买近一半的交易水平只有8%的交易水平下降了8%。 [1]法律 & General research also shows that the Bank of Mum and Dad is lending on average £19,000 to first-time buyers under the age of 35, with 21% of respondents in this age bracket saying they received more than £30,000. In total in 2020, the under 35s will receive £1.36bn in BoMaD contributions, helping them to purchase £18.11bn worth of property. However, not all first-time buyers will receive the funding as a gift, with 30% expected to pay at least some of it back.


即使依靠妈妈和爸爸的银行进行资金,而且国家面临着Covid-19的经济影响,Bomad Lenders自己仍然渴望得到帮助。近74%的人在大流行中看到他们收入的人表示危机使他们不那么愿意帮助亲人在住房阶梯上。


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We must address the UK’s ongoing housing crisis. Only then will we be able to tackle the issue of affordability. Britain’s housing sector is a critical engine behind the country’s economic growth and we need a strong property market now more than ever to drive the economic recovery from COVID-19. 法律 & General is at the forefront of this ambition as we continue to invest in delivering housing for all ages, social groups and tenures throughout the UK.

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