法律 & General partners with Edinburgh University to launch £20M research centre

Increasing life expectancy is to be celebrated, but it poses major challenges for individuals, families and the public and private sectors. Legal & General’s partnership with the University of Edinburgh aims to address these growing societal issues. 法律 & General announces its long term partnership with the 爱丁堡大学 to establish the Advanced Care Research Centre (“ACRC”), the first of its kind in the UK. ACRC will offer a seven-year multi-disciplinary research programme designed to improve understanding of care in later life and to revolutionise how it is delivered.

ACRC’s vision is that its research can enable data-driven, personalised and affordable care that delivers independence, dignity and a high quality of life for people living in their own homes or in supported care environments. The 爱丁堡大学’s grant-funded, academic-led ACRC programme will operate in the public interest, forming a major new strand in 法律 & General’s drive towards Inclusive Capitalism.

The ACRC will work in partnership with other top tier universities to engage multiple public and private stakeholders, as well as individuals in later life, their families and communities. The ACRC will also include an Academy that will develop a new generation of enterprise-oriented leaders in later life care through a rigorous programme of cross-disciplinary research-based training. The partnership with 法律 & General marks the University’s largest industry investment, as part of the £661m Data-Driven Innovation initiative within the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. 


ACRC will deliver a programme of seven thematic activities that combine research across multiple disciplines including: medicine and other care professions, life sciences, engineering, informatics, data and social sciences. This new research centre, which will receive £20m funding from 法律 & General, will put the 爱丁堡大学 and its partners at the forefront of research, development and collaboration to improve the academic understanding of later life.  All research findings made during this partnership will be publicly available. 

As the UK’s largest pension fund investor with £1.2 trillion of assets under management, and a leading provider of longevity risk solutions and retirement products to millions of customers, Legal & General has deep insight into ageing populations. Changing demographics around ageing will have a crucial impact on 法律 & General’s customers, making this one of the company’s long-term strategic growth drivers.

Legal & General works closely alongside and in support of UK academics, including through the Longevity Science Panel. In the last two years alone, it has formed the UK’s largest science and technology property partnership, Bruntwood SciTech, and announced a £4bn partnership with Oxford University to develop science and innovation districts within the region, together with homes for staff and students. 法律 & General’s long term partnership with Newcastle Council and Newcastle University continues to deliver at pace. Its Newcastle Helix scheme, which houses the UK’s National Centre for Ageing, brings together innovators in improving quality of life as people age, alongside a major new hub for scientific research and technology.

建立ACRC将彻底改变英国的承诺,认识和解决人口变化巨大的问题 - 社会和经济有了显著影响全球挑战的一部分。爱丁堡的学术主导,数据为基础和跨学科的方法将提供重要的积极变化老化和关怀,我们发现这是一个引人注目的和实际的愿景。这种伙伴关系,我们正在打造与一流机构向上和向下的国家,从牛津大学和纽卡斯尔大学,到巴斯大学,伦敦大学学院,现在爱丁堡将有助于在科学,技术交付转移表盘和老护理为未来许多几代吃。

Dr Nigel Wilson, Group CEO of 法律 & General

We are delighted to host this ground-breaking collaboration with colleagues at 法律 & General. This exceptional partnership will re-imagine care for the mid-21st century. As our population ages, so we need to develop innovative new approaches to provide individually-tailored care. This is the big challenge that the partners will address, bringing to bear pioneering research from the brightest academic minds across multiple disciplines to deliver creative and trusted solutions to address real world problems.


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法律 & General Group

Established in 1836, 法律 & General is one of the UK’s leading financial services groups and a major global investor, with international businesses in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. With over £1.2 trillion in total assets under management at 30 June 2019, we are the UK’s largest investment manager for corporate pension schemes and a UK market leader in pensions de-risking, life insurance, workplace pensions and retirement income. We have also invested over £22 billion in direct investments such as homes, urban regeneration, clean energy and small business finance.






  • 公众和利益相关者参与活动的宽范围的塑造上延缓衰老,健康和保健,国家讨论中,将包括建设一个更好的了解了在上下文中单独老化;
  • 新的数据的科学方法应用,使目标在以后的生活,更好的分析干预措施和改进包括对洞察力和预测数据;和
  • 开发投资的旁边可扩展性和技术的新的保健模式,以支持他们。
  • 建立一个学院,这将培养新一代学科带头人在以后的生活护理,由爱丁堡创新,大学的商业化服务支持的企业关联节目。




法律 & General in later living

Through 公会生活 and 灵感村庄, 法律 & General is providing a genuine option for older people who wish to leave their family homes and live in a unique environment as part of a thriving community.  This provision has the potential to have a significant economic impact - both on the housing market and health sector.

  • 灵感村庄


受到启发,以解决特定年龄住房供应不足设立的村庄 - 帮助解决健康和社会保健螺旋形上升的花因缺乏这适宜的生活住宿后造成的。



  • 公会生活

Launched in 2019, 公会生活, 法律 & General’s specialist urban later living developer and operator, aims to deliver over 3,000 new homes in the next five years to meet the UK’s longevity and urbanisation needs.